FRATCO: Manufacturer and Distributor of Quality Drainage Products



Francesville Drain Tile Corporation, known as FRATCO, is a manufacturer and distributor of quality drainage products. FRATCO was founded in 1923 by E.C. Overmyer and has been a family-owned business ever since. FRATCO has retained Gutwein Law as outside general counsel since 2006 when Chris Overmyer purchased the interests of the remaining family shareholders.



Since 2006, Gutwein Law has served as outside general counsel to FRATCO, including assisting Chris in:


  • Structuring the management buy-out and carrying out the succession plan
  • Annual corporation maintenance through Gutwein Law’s Corporate Representation Service
  • Acquisition of an out-of-state competitive manufacturer
  • General operational contract review
  • Analysis of agricultural sales tax exemption as it relates to drainage products


Practice Areas

Business Law and General Corporate Counseling