Fresh. Innovative. Full of opportunity. Do these words describe a place you want to practice law?

Do you want to help build valuable companies? Are you seeking a collaborative and team-oriented work environment where you’re still given the independence you need to get things done right? Do you want to work with an energized team that has an important purpose and distinct goals? How about a firm where your contribution is measured by your results, rather than simply how long you’ve been there?


Gutwein Law is a growing firm practicing in the areas of corporate law, real estate, commercial litigation, estate planning and administration, sports law, and intellectual property. At our firm, we focus on the value you deliver – and do everything we can to help you achieve your goals - as a person and as a legal professional. We embrace a spirit of growth, innovation, and community, and combine it with a deep expertise in law.

But, we won’t hire just anyone. In fact, we have a specific set of criteria we use when interviewing candidates. They must:

  • Possess highly developed moral character. It might seem obvious, but we want our team to be full of humble, courageous, and honest people. To us, a strong moral compass is essential to team morale and growth of the company.
  • Be smart. And not just book-smart (although, that’s necessary, too). On a daily basis, you’ll interact with all kinds of people. You should always come across as creative, resourceful, professional and thoughtful, all while helping your clients achieve their goals.
  • Hustle. Not the swindle type of hustle, but the energetic, hard-working, relentless improvement type of hustle. We’re not saying you need to be on the clock 24/7, but we want team members who strive to outwork the next person. At Gutwein Law, our people are willing to go the extra mile for their clients and others within the firm.
  • Be a “GutFit”. And that doesn’t just mean being a good fit, either. Look, we spend a lot of time together, so we need to be sure we not only enjoy each other’s company, but can work together to achieve our mission as a firm. We like to view our group of employees as a team, but one who trusts each other enough to prioritize team success over individual accomplishments. On top of that, we want to be pumped to introduce you to the outside world – including clients, prospective clients, and referral partners alike.
  • Have a business mind. After all, we’re a business law firm. Our clients look to us to not only provide sound legal advice, but to be a trusted business partner. And in order to do that, you must think like a business owner. You must have the ability to evaluate difficult decisions not only legally, but operationally and financially, as well.