Agricultural Business

Gutwein Law understands the ongoing evolution of both large and smaller scale farming operations.  The current agricultural production and related environments increasingly demand a business approach to be successful--it has become "agribusiness."  Our attorneys are competent in business formation, corporate governance, contract preparation and negotiation, and mergers and acquisitions.  They are also technologically savvy: Gutwein Law has been involved at the forefront of integrating software and new technologies into both industrial and everyday ag operations.  We work with companies of all sizes in the development and licensing of technology to improve agricultural productivity and resources available to farmers.  Our team can protect your intellectual property through various methods, such as patent and trademark registrations and intellectual property license agreements, as well as help answer questions about evolving agribusiness technologies and how they may be used in your farming operations. 

In addition to protecting your ideas, Gutwein Law can help protect current and future farm assets through creating a succession plan.  Our attorneys can assist with buy-sell agreements, wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools to help protect the viability of your farm for future generations.    

We at Gutwein Law can also guide you through issues related to your farm real estate.  Whether your next goal is the purchase or sale of land or the development of a new livestock facility, our lawyers can assist you in each step of the process.  Our team can assist with negotiations, purchase agreements, due diligence, leases, development and closings.  In addition, our lawyers have significant experience in navigating, securing, and defending the land use approvals and permits required for your operation including, zoning requirements, air permits, construction permits, Department of Natural Resources Permits, and Indiana Department of Environmental Management Permits.