Nonprofit & Tax Exempt

At Gutwein Law we work with cutting edge organizations whose goal is to simply give back.  We assist and advise these nonprofit organizations in the organization, formation and operation of their entity.  Our attorneys provide services that do more than just draft documents and file forms for nonprofit status.  Our goal is to provide services that create a relationship and allow our client to realize their vision. 

When creating and forming your nonprofit you have many options you can choose. Nonprofits can be formed for the following purposes:  

  1. Religious, organized primarily or exclusively for religious purposes
  2. Public benefit, which are organized for a public or charitable purpose
  3. Mutual benefit, which are organized to include all other types, such as a homeowners association
  4. Public charities, which generally receive funding from the general public and perform direct services for individuals
  5. Private foundations, which generally receive funding from a single source, such as a family, individual, or corporation, and generally give grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals. 

Shortly after choosing Gutwein Law you will notice the experience and the years of service that our attorneys bring to the table to help advise nonprofit entities.  We assist nonprofits with the formation and organization of the entity to make sure that its goals and missions are established.  We provide them with all of the necessary paperwork to get started, including the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Organizational Minutes.  

After organizing and forming a nonprofit the next step is to obtain 501(c)(3) status.  In preparing the 1023 for 501(c)(3) status we will advise you on a number of topics.  For example, we will assist you in creating a conflict of interest policy, grant making procedures, or a document retention policy.  We will also clear up and advise you on issues like relationships among directors, compensation of officers and other employees, relationships among donors and your charitable organization, and prohibition of political activities.  We also advise clients on internal issues with corporate governance, things like a gift acceptance policy, a whistleblower policy, or the negotiation of real estate leases and contracts.  

As an example of our services in this area, we have assisted many churches, private foundations, and other charitable organizations with drafting all of the necessary forms needed for effectively organizing and obtaining tax-exempt status.  By effectively and efficiently taking care of all the legal issues that our clients face we allow them to have ease of mind so they can focus on what they do best. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with sophisticated and client-centered advice in the formation, organization and operation of their entity. Attorneys at Gutwein will take care of your legal issues so you are able to focus on completing your mission. You will notice a difference with Gutwein Law; our attorneys provide Legal Strategies with Business Perspective.