Banking & Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions receive our guidance with financing transactions, creditors' rights, litigation matters, foreclosures, trust questions, and corporate and organizational matters.

Church & Religious Institutions

A church or other religious institution benefits from our experience with formation and organization, preparing internal policy, negotiation of leases and contracts, and other legal counsel gathered from years of work with non-profits.


As part of our real estate knowledge, we assist with the legal processes involved with building on your land. You can get help with permits, preparing and negotiating loans and contracts, and more.

Products & Retail

Companies selling original products have unique needs, including counsel on everything from drafting warranties to registering trademarks. We can take your company through all the parts of its lifecycle – manufacturing products, distribution, branding, and growth.

Energy & Utility

including Regulatory Matters
and Clean Energy

We work with companies developing all kinds of clean energy solutions – biomass, ethanol, wind – to get started and grow, whether your company needs help navigating complicated regulations and grant processes, or just real estate and construction.


Whether it's drafting warranties and employee manuals, registration and maintenance of trademarks, or even securing property leases or purchases for your location, Gutwein Law can help you navigate the unique legal challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Medical Devices

including Biotechnology

Medical and biotech businesses have unique needs, from a deep focus on intellectual property needs to intense regulatory demands. From Gutwein Law, you get a deep level of experience not only in the specific needs of your business, but also help in more general legal issues like negotiating contracts and securing leases.

Private Equity
& Venture Capital

To start a business, you need the financial backing to fund it – and if you don’t have the start-up capital, you will need to raise it. Gutwein Law can help by determining the best capital structure for your situation, advising you in evaluation and negotiation of private venture capital investments, and issuing securities privately.

Startups & Emerging Businesses

The primary needs of an emerging business are capital structure, private placement of securities, and preserving intellectual property. With Gutwein Law, your business gets a detailed approach to all the parts of establishing and maintaining your high-growth tech company.

Technology Licensing

If your company is in the technology industry, protecting your intellectual property is the cornerstone of your whole business. Gutwein Law has experience in a range of facets of IP, like registration, maintenance, and defense of trademarks. Beyond that, you get counsel on confidentiality agreements, trade secret matters, copyright registration, and licensing.