Copper Moon World Coffees


Copper Moon World Coffees: Distributor of Premium Coffees



Copper Moon World Coffees is a leading roaster and consumer brand of premium coffee. Copper Moon distributes its coffees through traditional retail locations such as Sam’s Club, at its retail store in the Indianapolis International Airport, and through its Office Coffee Service. Copper Moon’s coffees include a wide variety of specialty blended coffees including Costa Rican Blend, Guatemalan Blend, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Panama Boquete, and Organic EcoHarvest. 



Copper Moon has involved Gutwein Law throughout its operations. Gutwein Law has served as outside counsel to Copper Moon including assisting in:

  • Corporation shareholder and director records maintenance
  • General operational contract review with Copper Moon vendors providing products and services to Copper Moon
  • Representation in strategic acquisitions
  • Intellectual property maintenance


Practice Areas

Business Law and General Corporate Counseling

Mergers and Acquisitions

Intellectual Property