Employment Law

At Gutwein Law, we work with employers of all sizes to prevent workplace issues, quickly resolve issues when they arise, and litigate employment related matters when necessary.  Our experienced labor and employment attorneys are focused on helping you create a better workplace.

We can help you in a variety of ways to prevent workplace issues by providing you with  practical, real-world advice.  Often times, this leads to drafting documents such as employee handbooks tailored specifically to your industry and states of operation, employment agreements for key employees and independent contractors, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and confidentiality agreements. We also draft and negotiate executive compensation plans and agreements, such as stock options, restricted stock, and phantom stock plans.      

Even though at times when it seems all of the right procedures have been put in place, some issues may still arise.  These issues include a variety of topics such as interpreting employment contracts, restrictive covenants, and severance agreements as well as counseling in drug and alcohol testing, discipline, disability accommodation, and safety issues.  Gutwein Law will determine what is legally required and help create a strategy with the best course of action based on the law, risks associated with action or non-action, and the desired outcome.  

As an example of our services in this area, we have assisted many closely-held businesses in negotiating the buy-out of a shareholder and drafting the necessary documents to provide a smooth transition of the shareholder’s exit from the company.  These documents provide  protections for the company through non-competition and non-solicitation covenants, confidentiality requirements to protect the company’s trade secrets and other confidential information, and a release of all potential claims by the shareholder against the company.

When necessary, Gutwein Law has experienced litigation counsel to advance your position in the courts.  Our trial lawyers have sought and obtained both monetary and injunctive relief from state and federal courts in employment matters.  For instance, when a key employee leaves your company to work for a competitor, in violation of a non-competition agreement, we stand ready to seek an immediate restraining order on your behalf.  Similarly, such relief is often also appropriate when company secrets are improperly divulged.  Seeking judicial relief is seldom the first choice, but on occasion, it is the only message that a former employee will honor.  We are prepared and able to help you obtain the relief necessary.  

Our goal is to provide you with experienced advice in employment compliance and decisions regarding challenging employment matters and further serve as your advocate in employment litigation matters.  Attorneys at Gutwein Law know how to prevent employment issues and what to do when they arise.  We provide Legal Strategies with Business Perspective.