CrossFit Uncommon


CrossFit Uncommon



CrossFit is a no nonsense, no frills approach to fitness. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program employing constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

CrossFit Uncommon goes beyond your typical gym, with coaches to push you to set goals of a higher purpose and providing instruction, teaching, and mentorship on how to build a body that is capable of accomplishing the tasks and weathering the hurdles that life inevitably brings to all of us. The focus at CrossFit Uncommon is the daily pursuit of struggle and of something greater than one's self. CrossFit is not easy and at CrossFit Uncommon we are even more difficult than some. We are the place where you will change, and we are the place where you will positively change others. CrossFit is scalable for all people and CrossFit Uncommon is here for all people.



CrossFit Uncommon has employed Gutwein Law to serve as its outside general counsel for matters including:

  • Limited liability company formation and maintenance
  • General operational contract review


Practice Areas

Business Law and General Corporate Counseling